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I SKULL U Limited Edition T-Shirts

Our new creation is these I SKULL U shirts. Who doesn’t love skulls? Well okay, maybe not everyone but they are part of art and design. From clothes to sculptures and tattoos. Yours truly has few skulls t-shirts, and so this idea came to my mind:

I SKULL U T-shirt

It’s for sale for only a few days HERE. This ends March 17th, P9PM EST.

We Received Our Everyday Superhero Shirts!

The second sale ended on March 9 and the Limited Edition everyday superhero shirts are not available anymore. Maybe in the future if we get some requests.

We received our own shirts from the first launch, we’ll post photos on our FB page. If you got yours, then share your pics too there: OAWOA on Facebook

Also, since the sale relaunch has just ended and the shirts are getting printed, if you purchased during the last week, you will also have something to show off very soon! Thank you, nurses 😉

We’re working on a completely different shirt design, another limited edition. This time, it’s for all of the skull art lovers… In fact it’s ready and we’ll post about it in few hours.

Nurse Everyday Superhero Shirts Gone!

So that’s it, our ultra limited edition of NURSE “everyday superhero” shirts featuring our cool design on the back are gone. Thanks to all of you who take the offer.

We know many people loved it but also, many more have not seen it! So we may relaunch it soon so more will have the chance to show how proud they are to be a nurse.

In case you missed tese, there were styles for both men and women. From the women relaxed-fit to a v-neck and our favorite… the hoodie 😉

Nurse Hoodie

We will announce here when we relaunched the shirts. In the meantime, make sure to like our Facebook page at: to receive notifications.

Thanks again!


Nurse Tribute Design… and Some Shirts

It’s a bit personal. There is someone I love who is a nurse. I know she gives her all to to others and spend so much time making sure everyone’s fine, physically and mentally too. If you’re a nurse and give your all to the health of others, I think, well, YOU ROCK.

I wanted to make a cool design that express life and beauty and recall the Nurse symbol. It was first designed to be just that, a cool picture…

Nurse Symbol Design

… and then it would be cool if it became a T-shirt, and thus, it’s available now but not for too long 😉 Check it out here:

Nurse Women everyday superhero t-shirt

Oh and of course I thought about guys and so there’s a fit for every nurse, male or female. So you’d find a women relaxed fit tee, as well as a V-Neck, or just a standard Unisex tee that fits everyone. But maybe your favorite would be the hoodie or the longsleeve styles 😉

Here the whole family:

nurse everyday superhero shirts

Our Art With Our All

Hey you, welcome to OAWOA. We thought Our Art With Our All would be some nice words standing behind these cool letters (aren’t those cool?) . Well we’re going to feature here our work. We design stuff, and like to express ourselves on the web.

But that’s not how we define only art, and there’s no real clear definition for now. But if we had to, here it is: it’s what you give your all too. What do you do to make others happy? What’s your art of the day? Or what are YOU!?

Hoping you like what you see here,

Have an awesome day or night!

P.S: What’s your art? What do you