Nurse Tribute Design… and Some Shirts

It’s a bit personal. There is someone I love who is a nurse. I know she gives her all to to others and spend so much time making sure everyone’s fine, physically and mentally too. If you’re a nurse and give your all to the health of others, I think, well, YOU ROCK.

I wanted to make a cool design that express life and beauty and recall the Nurse symbol. It was first designed to be just that, a cool picture…

Nurse Symbol Design

… and then it would be cool if it became a T-shirt, and thus, it’s available now but not for too long 😉 Check it out here:

Nurse Women everyday superhero t-shirt

Oh and of course I thought about guys and so there’s a fit for every nurse, male or female. So you’d find a women relaxed fit tee, as well as a V-Neck, or just a standard Unisex tee that fits everyone. But maybe your favorite would be the hoodie or the longsleeve styles 😉

Here the whole family:

nurse everyday superhero shirts

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